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"Please SHARE! This set of Republic Commando armor (minus the backpack) was stolen on July 6, 2013 from ‎#501st member Jesse Grimes (RC-88809 of Garrison Titan) in the Seattle, Washington area. The amount of time, effort and money that goes into the crafting of these suits for the sole purpose of sharing the passion for‎#StarWars and performing charity volunteer work is well-known to our fans. This armor should not be difficult to identify if the thief attempts to sell it online or at a local shop. Please share to help us locate and return this suit!” -501st Facebook Page

People this is completely unacceptable. Not only is stealing such an invasive, and horrible thing to begin with, but this isn’t just a TV or laptop or whatever, this is Commando armor. And not just armor, but handcrafted, hand painted, filled-to-the-brim-with-hard-work-and-sweat-and-tears armor. Anyone with any sort of cosplay experience will recognize the dedication and effort put into this costume, and even those without any will see it for it’s brilliant execution and quality.

And it’s been stolen. A piece of art has been stolen from it’s creator, it’s artist. But it goes beyond that, beyond just a piece of art; it’s an aide, a tool. This armor belongs to a member of the 501st, a massive charity organization based around a mutual love of Star Wars and the drive to help others. Not only are they fandom based, but they’re a family, one solid group, of dedicated fans, and simply put, kind people. They raise thousands each year, attend charity events, and raise awareness for a multitude of current issues including cancer, something I personally stand fully behind, and education for all ages. And they do it all in full armor.

So yes, this is in fact a tool, something to help them connect and unify, but also to raise awareness and help communities. And so to find out that this was stolen is simply an atrocity. It’s beyond simple theft, it’s plain and outright disgusting. Please do your best to pass this on, link it, share it, whatever. Put it up on Twitter, paste flyers up on campus, I don’t care, but let’s get this piece of art back to it’s creator, and see that the lowlife who stole it gets his full and just punishment.

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