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"How'd we get in this mess?"

"Mess? Vod, I’d hardly call this a mess.” Scorch grins over at Aedan as the smiling village girl places the ring of flowers around his neck. “We’re in paradise, they’re feeding us amazing food, and we’re surrounded by absolutely stunning wildlife,” he winks at the girl and she giggles, walking over to place one on his still scowling friend. “Besides what, could go wrong in a place this pretty lek?”

Famous last words it seems, as not an hour later the two are running from angry yells and spears, lots of spears. There’s an apologetic look from Scorch, following the scathing one from Aeden, before he huffs, dodging another projectile.

"Okay so how was I supposed to know she was the leader’s daughter huh? How?”


"How'd we get in this mess?"

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Bad situation starters. Send “How’d we get in this mess?” and I’ll generate a number between 1-25


Mix of funny and angsty.

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David Gandy - screencap Palacio de Hierro


62. It is better to beg forgiveness than to ask permission, no longer applies to Specialist Schwarz. Scorch


ooc; guess what time it is friends

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this will end maybe tomorrow night or monday night.
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this will end tonight when i’m officially online!


David Gandy

Scorchisms #864

Look I don’t wear pants okay? A lot of the time it’s just me and my underwear when I’m alone, because I’m that kinda guy. Clothing is unnecessary and time consuming; what if I want to take a quick shower? What if I want to feel that really nice leather couch all over my amazing body? I have to take off all these layers? No. No thank you.

So it’s not my fault if you call me to an immediate meeting and I show up less then fully clothed. You should be grateful I’m there in one piece, not bloody, and wearing underwear at all, depending on if I was sleeping or not.

What I’m saying is that nothing gets you feeling alive faster then knowing the world gets to greet your sculpted buttocks in all it’s glory with nothing to dampen the view.

//YES! *was the anon* Skippy’s list is the greatest fucking thing. Ever.

((BLESS YOUR FUGGIN FACE. That list is my life. MY LIFE. It’s legit a reason my parents reeaaaaaally didn’t think I should join.

"Larissa, that’s… you’ve got quotes from that site framed. You used them as signatures in yearbooks in high school. I don’t trust you."

Not verbatim but you get it..))

"132. The loudspeaker system is not a forum to voice my ideas.

133. The loudspeaker system is not to be used to replace the radio.

134. The loudspeaker system is not to be used to broadcast the soundtrack to a porno movie.”

Headcanon: “Skippy’s List: The 213 things Skippy is no longer allowed to do in the Army” is actually truly an inspiration for me. I’m an Army brat, and for the last meeeeeh I don’t even know, that stupid list has given me fits of outright tear-inducing joy, to the point that yeah, there’s a lotta Skippy in Scorch.

A lot.

Not even ashamed bro. Not even.

Check out the list here, and keep an eye on Scorch so you can see the shenanigans unfold…

EDIT: good god, yeah there’s a few things in here I’VE personally done. What an asshole. No wonder no one likes me HEEEY~


Hey Scorch, ever heard of Skippy's List of things he's not allowed to do in the Army?

"No, but it sound gorram magical. Is it magical? It is, isn’t it?"

((YO SON. THAT WAS LEGIT THE REASON MY PARENTS did not want my to enlist. My dad is 23 years Army so that list was my contraband holy bible. I ended up doing a really pretty print of it for a friend when he joined, but I’m pretty sure that shit would have gotten me kicked OUT. Bless your heart and soul for thinking of Scorch lol. I can’t say that Skippy ain’t an inspiration, cause he pretty much is. HE REALLY IS. ))

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